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-LEaD Alaska-

​LEadership and Discipleship


The Lazy Mountain Ministries’ LEaD Alaska is a culturally relevant, holistic, residential program designed to equip believers for life and ministry through mentoring and discipleship relationships, biblical and leadership training, vocational and related training, life training, and internships.

This year we are piloting a "Year Two


We transform communities in Alaska through the equipping of believers to succeed in Alaskan ministry. We provide a leadership and discipleship program that is holistic and comprehensive through organizational shared ownership. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



Interested in cross-cultural experience that qualifies your college internship requirements?  We would LOVE to have you join us here in Alaska.  Begin praying now toward this opportunity in the future.


Experience cross-cultural ministry while residing in a Native village and participating in community life. You will demonstrate God’s love by building relationships,  serving others, and learning from the people.

Ministry Group: Native, various ages

Description/Responsibilities: EnGage! is designed to give you a cross-cultural ministry experience in a Native community in Alaska.

Your internship will include: 
•Living in a Native community
•Participating in community life
•Building relationships
•Serving and loving people from another culture
•Interaction with all ages
•Potential relationships that allow for sharing your faith journey. 

InterAct Ministry Opportunities

Needed ASAP At the Oregon Office (currently):

  • Human Resources/Mobilization

  • Donor Care and Development

  • Gift Processing  God has provided for this position

Alaska Needs for the Summer:

  • Ministry Teams- working with children/teens

  • Ministry Work Teams- Campus & Road System

  • Ministry Work Teams-Fly-in Villages

Alaska Missionary Needs:

  • Lazy Mountain Campus- Hospitality/Housekeeping (this is not a full-time position)

  • Lazy MountainCampus-  Join our current maintenance staff to support upkeep of properties

    • Campus Support Staff could be a couple suited to serve alongside our current staff in this capacity​

  • Youth/Children's Ministry need for a road-system missionary church

  • Young Adult Ministry to team with some of our missionaries, road-system

  • Village Church-Planting Missionaries- multiple fly-in village needs, some with teammates

  • Eventual Need for Gospel-Centered Approach counselors, Lazy Mountain Campus

  • Experienced cross-cultural discipleship staff to join a team (co-lead) our discipleship ministry and a variety of summer ministries

Is God calling you to disciple others?

Is He calling you to embrace Matthew 28:19-20.....

InterAct Alaska wants to talk with you!  We are looking for:
Urban missionaries
Village/remote missionaries
Supporting staff

Interested in a long-term Alaska experience? Contact us!

Give us a call to discuss opportunities and ways YOU can be a part of discipling others.

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