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How is God Calling YOU to PARTICIPATE with us?


  • We continue to need missionaries in fly-in villages. Would you pray with us for God to meet this need?

  • We will be looking for new missionary staff who are interested in a discipleship/counseling ministry for our eventual Counseling Center on the Palmer Campus.

Check out InterAct Ministries website to see more specific opportunities to serve with InterAct!

Current Financial Status and Needs

(A word about how this ministry works!  Our monthly donations cover:

our salary, a percentage to support our organization, our taxes, medical, all regular deductions, and our personal ministry expenses.)




We welcome new ministry partners!  

Be involved both prayerfully and financially, and increase your ministry by helping to reach Alaska for Christ.



Click below to partner with us in reaching Alaska.

This link will allow you to select:

Steve & Jill Horsman

(US Dollars). 

For CAD- please contact InterAct 

Is God calling YOU?   


It takes the investments of people like YOU to make it possible for us to reach Alaska. 


We need Investors-

Financial- our salary and ministry is completely funded by those churches and individuals called to be involved in this ministry.

Prayer- we cannot do this job without others holding us up in prayer.

Partner- we need people willing to come and help, and to help find others willing to come and help.

Share- we need people that can share our vision and needs with others that might be able to invest in reaching Alaska.

Contact us- if you want to receive our newsletters, if you would like more information, if we can share our ministry with your group.


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