Summer Solstice Slice of Ministry

The snow is gone and the summer solstice just happened. We’ve been busy - yep. God has been at work - yep. We’ve not updated you in a while - yep.  So we hope this little Solstice Slice of the ministry MAIN FEATURES will inform and excite you. God has been working. Head out to the front porch with a cool drink and rejoice with us over some things God has been doing in Alaska.
LEaD Alaska 2021-2022 Conclusion
It was a great year. We so enjoyed Rhea, JP and David as our students. We also enjoyed having Daniel return for part of a second year. Our last week included some fun "bucket list" hikes, campfires, dinners, and just having a good time together. The year concluded with their Conclusion Celebration.

Week #4/4 New to InterAct Staff Training

InterAct Training Director, George Walker, crafted excellent equipping for all of our new staff, in what was a 4-week pilot project. He was joined by Dr. Mike Matthews and one of our Canada staff, Josh Beutler. Since the last newsletter we completed weeks 3 & 4. It was targeted and relevant training for our staff, supported by some awesome volunteers, and held on the Lazy Mountain Campus. We are thrilled to have staff so well equipped for cross-cultural ministry. 

Added Bonus- Reindeer came visiting- Meet Amy, our new reindeer herdess!



One of our organizational membership responsibilities, and privileges, is to gather annually for Conference. This is designed to be a time of deepening our organizational relationships, encouraging and praying for one another, listening to updates, and fellowshipping together. Our MK’s have programming designed just for them. It is also a time to benefit from spiritual encouragement and exhortation, as well as receive some ongoing learning in relevant topics. This year we were blessed by a ministry work team from Cortez, Colorado. They provided the MK program and served us with the meals and were such a blessing. Our keynote speaker was Dr. Kevin Carson and we were blessed by his instruction on our topic of, “Growing Together in the One Another’s.” The weather was exceptional. We enjoyed fellowship with quite a few guests and everyone left feeling blessed and refreshed.


EnGage Alaska

Following closely on the heels of Conference was the arrival of Sophia, our summer intern. What an amazing young woman who is so excited to experience cross-cultural ministry in Alaska! We enjoyed a few days of training and equipping, and then Carrie Curtis (InterAct staff) drove her into Anchorage to load onto the Lake & Pen Air plane to Grayling. She is already learning from, and enjoying, our missionaries, Aaron & Tisha Dalton, and the community. Pray for her experience in this beautiful Alaska village.


Ministry Work Teams



This has been quite the spring for ministry work teams to bless us!  Family Church, MI, arrived first and completed a multitude of projects, manyM of them related to the major winter storm damage. All of them essential to prepare for our training and Conference. Then we were blessed by the team from CO, along with a related few from elsewhere. They made Conference amazing and so easy for us all. Finally, we JUST said farewell to another team from CO. They completed another group of essential tasks for keeping, and preparing, our Campus to do what our staff feel it is called to do- Serve to support all of our church planting/church development ministries. The last CO group will serve as the photo “placeholder” for the rest of them:)

Congrats to Quaid, class of 2022. We are very proud of him and the direction he is taking!  He is a determined and capable young man. We’ve had grandkids buying planes, attending Bible School, becoming fire fighters, getting braces, getting jobs, awards for football, awards for wrestling, basketball, camp leadership, and we are sure we’ve missed a few milestones. We are blessed.

Thank you for praying for praying for us & partnering with us. Watch for a detailed July update!


Alaska Tidbits

Palmer Prices
Large Watermelon- $15.     Gallon of Milk - $4
Romaine Lettuce - $3.49.    Diesel Fuel - $6
Regular Fuel - $5.49.       Small Peony Plant - $40
Food Truck Plate Meal-$25  Medium Latte - $5
Typical Breakfast in Restaurant - $20
Medium Latte - $5         Sunshine - FREE
Summer Solstice Stuff
50-71 Degrees.      Smoky- wildfires
Sunrise: 4:15 AM.    Sunset: 11:44 PM



As you have noticed, inflation is a factor everywhere. We have also had decline in our support members, as we all anticipated with Covid and related issues. InterAct regularly adjusts support structures, and in January will add this increase. The result is that our income % will drop. We are encouraged to raise an additional support. Thank you for praying about this need.

Have a WONDERFUL Summer!
Steve & Jill

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