Rejoicing this September

Rejoicing…is all throughout the Bible. Israel rejoiced with great celebrations and feasts. In the New Testament we are told to rejoice over and over again, many times it is a command to rejoice always, or with thanksgiving. 1 Peter 1:6 reminds us that we can rejoice in what God has done, even when we face temporary trials and distresses.  Ultimately, we rejoice because of what God accomplished and will accomplish. (Revelation 19:7)  We are created in the image of a God that blesses celebration and rejoicing. Wow, have we had a lot to celebrate and much for which we rejoice!


We rejoice over all God is doing in the lives of people here in Alaska. Since our last newsletter, a LEaD alumni was married, and others shared God’s Word in churches. In another context, we’ve seen people return to fellowship with Him. We have celebrated as Steve has had several phone calls from individuals asking for a home Bible study here in the Mat-Su Valley. We have seen God bring physical healing and health and strength to a Native leader. We have been blessed by Ministry Work Teams and also by three adults participated with the summer ministry internship. We’ve had great conversations with a number of people searching and inquiring of God to see if He is calling them to serve, and perhaps here in Alaska. Of course, we also regularly celebrate and rejoice over the faithful ministry service of our Alaska staff members. One other celebration over what God does in the lives of people is as we look forward to a Women’s Retreat on September 27-29, hosted by InterAct Ministries on our Lazy Mountain Campus. It is only God that can prompt someone to come and spend a weekend encouraging and being encouraged by other women that love the Lord.  We rejoice over what God is doing in Alaska.

Rejoicing is most definitely what we are doing over Steve’s health.  For those that may not know…..On August 7 he had an arthroscopic procedure on his knee (he had a knee replacement almost two years ago) to remove scar tissue. He came home that day and had immediate relief from the pain and greater movement. Things were looking great until ten days later. Trip one to the ER indicated an infection. The next morning we were back to ER again where they immediately admitted him, placed him on two IV antibiotics, and scheduled him for surgery the next day. The short version is that he had a rather rare and odd staph infection in that knee. Full surgery that next day to clean everything out, and 9 days in the hospital and he was finally discharged. 

He has a Picc line to administer a strong antibiotic. Our daily routine now includes a trip to the IV Infusion Clinic for his antibiotic and blood work. PT is back on our calendar twice a week, continuous repetitive movement knee machines and game ready compression machines fill the house but help speed his improvement.  Our rejoicing though is because we have seen God’s hand of mercy in this situation, and are thankful for it.  We are equally thankful for all the prayers, calls, and emails from so many of you.Thank you for your prayers. One other celebration? He started driving again!

We have also had time to rejoice and celebrate milestones for family members!  Our dearest Kaylie is now engaged to Stefan, with a November wedding on the horizon.  We are all pretty excited and Stefan definitely made a few bonus points for a proposal at her favorite Colorado location, with her family there for the grand event! Congratulations Kaylie & Stefan!

We have had plenty of time to celebrate family members as this time of year always brings a plethora of birthdays!  We’ve rejoiced over birthdays in Colorado and here in Alaska. This year we had many birthday milestones as some hit 13, others 16, 18 and 20! All cake aside, birthdays are always a time when Steve and I take stock of all that God has provided. We rejoice for each of our family members. They are such a blessing!

Finally, since our last newsletter update we’ve also had time to celebrate our friends and members of our support team. We were so blessed to have a number of individuals from Outside of Alaska visit with us this summer. They came from as nearby as Canada and as far away as Illinois. In addition to this, we really have felt loved and celebrated by all who encouraged Steve during his hospital stay. He had letters, gifts, phone calls, emails, meals, goodies, and actual visits to pray with him and share God’s Word. 


These last several months have also included a different kind of rejoicing as some dear friends are now with the Lord, after having served Him faithfully. We know that these times have served as poignant reminders that the book of Revelation daily reminds us that our ultimate point of rejoicing is because of God and the finished work of the Cross. We trust that God has led you to have important times of rejoicing this summer, and that together we can grow in our ability to rejoice in Him, regardless of the circumstances we face from day to day.

In addition to all of this that God has done, He has also opened more ministry opportunities here in Alaska. We are looking for the following positions to be filled:

  • We have needs in several locations, both on the road system and off. 

  • Several other support ministries

  • If you know someone that may be qualified and interested, please have them contact us.  

  • We have some opportunities that could be great for someone that has been involved in discipling in their church and is retired, looking to respond to God's call to minister during this next season of life. 


Finally, we praise God for you. Your investment in the ministry with us (prayer and financially) makes it possible for us to continue. Thank you! Come visit us!  

Serving God in Alaska,

Steve      Jill

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