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Merry Christmas!

Happy New Year.

“…I bring you good news of great joy which will be for all the people; for today in the city of David there has been born for you a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.” Luke 2:10b-11


Indeed, this truth is the very reason you receive these newsletters! It is the reason we serve the Alaska Native peoples in Alaska. It is the reason InterAct serves in three countries among the people groups not yet fully discipled with mature churches. It is…the reason for this season when we rejoice because of the miracle of Christ. It is the reason we all do what we do. The Savior was born!

Ministry Life...

Ministry life has been fulfilling and intense for us these past two months!

  • Steve has continued meeting with staff, which always includes travel in a variety of forms! He has been thankful for safe travel and fantastic visits. 

  • We have also been involved with LEaD Alaska, this year with a trial for a “year two” program. This includes both Rhea and Darly having employment, still being discipled by a team of us involved, and working toward some of their other personal goals. They are a delight and it has been a fun first part of the year. (We look forward to a big ‘Christmas party’ on January 2). 

  • I have continued with counseling a few women and looking forward to several other opportunities after Christmas. I start the supervised counseling in January, and hope to complete the MA in counseling yet inn 2023!  

  • Steve has a small group of men serving on the Alaska Advisory Team and they meet monthly, or more frequently if specific needs arise. He is enjoying the opportunity to discuss important Alaska field things with these men.

  • We’ve also had the opportunity to connect with a young man serving in the military here in Anchorage. He is actually the second gentleman who are sons of some of our friends who serve in missions. It was great to have Issac join us for Thanksgiving.

  • Administrative responsibilities also take a significant amount of our ministry team, which can sometimes feel like a distraction BUT we know that these tasks are a critical support in keeping our Field running and our missionaries on the Field and served well!

  • Finally, we are looking ahead to some exciting training and support opportunities for our field.

Denali Native New Life-Restarts

We were thankful to see the Denali Native New Life Fellowship (previously held in the Matanuska Valley but paused during the initial Covid situation) restart. Steve and Toby have both met on the informal committee. The two meetings were held at our Campus, and it was so much fun to renew relationships and just enjoy being together again. Pray for this Fellowship as they seek to determine the best next steps. 
IMG_5729 2.jpeg


Our family has had the usual joys and hard times, but this November we received the call from Ruth informing us that Owen (grandson) was with the Lord. Jeremy and Ruth, and family, grieved as those that have hope! Owen is now seeing, hearing, processing information, and rejoicing in Jesus. He is no longer bound by a physical body that made his life different. He had the sweetest temperament, and did have a sense of humor! We travel down to Colorado on the 19th to be at the Celebration of Life for Owen. Meanwhile…we are thankful that our Alaska Marine grandson, Quaid, was a Christmas present for his mom- he arrived home two days ago!  Our Colorado Marine grandson, Jacob, will be home to attend the Celebration of Life for Owen and celebrate Christmas. We will get to see all of our kids, spouses, grandchildren this month!
Immediately following Thanksgiving it was SUCH a blessing to attend the Executive Leadership Team (Field Directors from Siberia, Alaska, Canada and the Executive Director- along with the spouses) Retreat. It was my first time to meet Lucas and Jamie face to face! (Siberian Field Director) We spent multiple days together and talked through many important topics, enjoyed delicious food, sweet fellowship, and ample fun thrown in!  Thanks to our Dale and Carol for making this happen!

The last two weeks can be captured in one word…SNOW. We have had multiple storms roll through with road closures, school and business closures, and many, many hours spent moving snow. This picture just doesn’t even do it justice. Yesterday we spent removing the 4+ feet of snow from the shed roof. The snow in our yard is up to Steve’s waist. We can’t wait to return from our short Colorado trip to get those snowshoes out and do some hiking!


Well, that wraps up this short update! Praying for each of you as you celebrate Christmas!



Steve & Jill

Our house.jpeg

Merry Christmas!

Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow

ELT Retreat

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