Social Connections with  Physical Distance

News!  Today I read that Covid19 started….here.  No, it started in a laboratory at… Last night I heard that masks don’t help. Wait, they do help! Covid19 is dangerous; no it’s not. Social distancing is critical, except that it’s not. It is so difficult to navigate through the maze of truth, half-truth, deception, incorrect information, political agenda, and expert medical advice.  Like you, we’ve felt the angst of trying to decipher what is true, who we can trust, and where is the wisdom guiding response to the pandemic.  It challenged our thinking about these three important things: trust, truth and wisdom.

We recognize how intricately these three are woven together. It would be foolhardy to trust anyone, or any course of action, without the inclusion of truth and truthfulness. Proverbs 8 stands in stark contrast to the news media and Covid19 confusion. God is fully truth. Because of this, we also know that what He tells us is real, is truth, and so it makes Him completely trustworthy. But He goes one step beyond in Proverbs 8 because He also shares with us His wisdom. He is wisdom personified, and He willingly shares His wisdom with us; He alone is the One that can equip us to live wisely as we walk with Him. We may never know the why of Covid19, but we do have the assurance that God was not surprised. We have the assurance that God’s Word is there to guide us through even a global pandemic. Our prayer is that, even in this, or especially in this, we all turn to the One that longs to bring His wisdom into our lives. He longs to use each of us as His voice, pointing others to look to God as the source of wisdom and peace at a time when both of these are sadly lacking in the world.  

All set for...the Bank?



Much of our ministry has continued, thanks to technology.  We have Zoomed into meetings with staff, GoToMeeting’ed with appointees, and skyped with people inquiring about ministry with InterAct. Steve has been busy with more frequent leadership meetings, and our mission organization has done several Zoom sessions, bring all three fields together via technology. We are thankful for each of these opportunities.  But not everything has continued as seamlessly.


We have new staff ready and eager to begin ministry in remote villages, but unable to go due to state mandates.  One couple is waiting for the marine highway to open, and another for the village to allow anyone in by plane. This week the Governor opened up travel between locations on the road system, which will help. We have other staff pastoring churches that cannot meet physically, and so they are finding creative ways to connect with their members. We have spouses working in healthcare and providing excellent care to people in their locations.  We have had to cancel our annual conference, and postpone our summer internship.  But, like you, we have also been saddened by family members unable to celebrate graduation in the traditional way, and weddings that have been impacted.  We appreciate your prayers for us, and for all our staff, as we seek to be led by God’s wisdom and His principles even as we navigate ways to be socially connected while physically distancing.

Social Connection...
with NO mask
And not enough
physical distance!

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We have decided to move ahead with two new projects. First is initiating the planning for an eventual counseling center at our Lazy Mountain site.  Second is a personal project to enclose the carport at our house, providing a secure place for tools and a small office area for Steve.

Counseling Center:  We are working on the business plan for this ministry, but anticipate starting in the next year or two. In preparation for this, I (Jill) have started another Master’s degree through Faith Bible Seminary. (MA in Biblical Counseling.) This will give relevant credentialing over the Center. If God would so lead, we are seeking financial support to help cover my expenses. InterAct has designated this as a project, so donations will be receipted through InterAct.  (Total cost is approximately $15,000)

Personal House Project: Enclosing the carport, with small office space.  We are hopeful to have some volunteer labor to help with this project. Again, if this is something you would consider supporting, InterAct has designated this as a project, so donations will be receipted through InterAct. (Estimated cost is $40,000.)



Finally, are exciting family event this newsletter is the graduation of our grandson, Isaac. He is one amazing grandson.   We pray that this letter finds you with equally exciting opportunities for ministry and blessings in your families.  Thank you for taking the time to read through this update, and for your prayers and partnership with us!

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